“Working with EPG has been nothing short of excellent. Their focus on customer service has provided us with the opportunity to expand our business and keep pace with our clients’ growth.”
Michael Larkins

President at Suna Solutions

Seamless expansion of services worldwide

Exceptional ongoing international support

Collaborative approach to risk mitigation

Strategic evaluation of business solutions

At a glance

Suna Solutions is a staffing and consulting agency, as well as a Managed Service Provider that assists businesses with expanding their workforce. The company specialises in placing permanent and contract workers internationally.


Michael Larkins, President of Suna Solutions, previously worked with EPG Group’s Chief Operating Officer of the Americas, Amy Diehl. Over the years, their professional relationship has been leveraged to provide mutual success for their respective organisations.

The partnership between Suna and EPG has resulted in the seamless expansion of Suna’s client service offerings, especially regarding quality placements and compliance assurance.



Keeping pace with client growth
An extension of their recruitment team

EPG provides a comprehensive solution that helps businesses expand their workforces quickly and efficiently. The group takes on the entire process from job analysis and sourcing to onboarding and performance management – making light work of a complex and crucial function.

A complete solution

EPG offers a full suite of solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to multinationals. The company has a global reach and can accommodate businesses of all scales.

A focus on customer service

EPG’s focus on customer service has allowed Suna to expand its business and keep pace with its client’s growth. The responsive and reliable team makes the process hassle-free for Suna and their clients.

Sourcing the best talent

EPG’s global reach gives Suna access to an extensive talent pool, allowing them to source the best candidates for their clients around the world.

Compliance assurance

EPG’s compliance team ensures that all placements comply with in-country local labor laws and regulations. This gives Suna the peace of mind that their clients are protected from potential risks.

Ongoing support

EPG offers ongoing support to Suna’s clients, even after placement. This includes performance management, onboarding assistance, and regular check-ins.


A collaborative partnership

Suna’s partnership with EPG has aided service delivery to their client base. EPG is proud to have contributed to Suna’s growth and looks forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

EPG’s knowledge of international labor laws and their collaborative approach have helped mitigate risk and preserved our compliance

Michael Larkins

President at Suna Solutions