“Putting a new worker into the field utilising EPG’s direct employer model takes a matter of days and removes the employment risks that come with having your own in-country entity. Our focus can stay on growing our software capabilities in a flourishing market.”
Grace Ng

HR Manager, APAC, EcoVadis


Savings on overhead costs through the adoption of EPG Staffing’s Employer of Record model

Facilitated through technology, their onboarding process was streamlined to take just hours

Easy, same day turnaround for HR guidance and assistance from international industry experts

Handed over all associated payroll and HR liabilities, assuring compliance in new markets

At a glance

Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 75,000 companies.


EcoVadis first came on board with EPG in 2018 to test the Australian waters for their cloud-based ratings platform that assesses corporate social responsibility and sustainable procurement.

Starting with one local Australian employee, today EcoVadis have a whole Australian operations team under EPG’s Employer of Record staffing model, giving them the time and compliance peace of mind to focus on growing their core business.



Outsourcing the liability
Entering the Australian market

EcoVadis approached EPG about expanding into a new territory under an employer of record model. This more flexible approach enables EcoVadis to be agile with entering Australia’s prospective market, but also allows them to exit safely if it doesn’t deliver the desired returns.

Establishing the framework

The day-to-day work of EcoVadis’ Australian employee will be managed by them direct. EPG’s in-house in-country experts will look after all HR and payroll functions and keep EcoVadis in line with Australia’s complex employment laws.

Fully integrated technology

Employment compliance begins with advanced paperless onboarding. Using EPG’s HCM platform Expedo, a locally compliant contract is produced, personal details for payroll collected and an integrated induction delivered via one seamless employee onboarding experience.

As the team grows

EPG collaborate with EcoVadis’ global HR team around ongoing Australian employer obligations, employee payroll entitlements and their access to different types of leave.


Unlocking opportunity in new markets

EcoVadis’ vision is for a global marketplace where sustainability intelligence influences every business decision. This vision is flourishing thanks to their ability to pursue new territories and opportunities with confidence and security.

Utilising EPG as their employer of record has allowed EcoVadis to pass on all associated payroll and HR liabilities and stay competitive in today’s complex global market.

Being open to a modern staffing model encourages future-thinkers like EcoVadis to break through the barriers of international expansion and tap into the Australian market with full compliance.

Sarah de Ruyter

Head of Employment Services, EPG Staffing