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Scalable staffing solutions

Others talk about compliantly engaging independent contractors and permanent/contingent workforces;
we actually deliver it

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Agile staffing solutions for every business

For over a decade, we’ve been a trusted staffing partner for businesses and managed service providers of all sizes across various industries and countries. We understand that every company has unique staffing needs, and we are proud to offer agile solutions that fit those needs perfectly.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team of staffing experts dedicated to helping you grow your business.

A glimpse into our service offerings

Employer of record

Outsource the employment of your worker. Benefit from the workers’ day-to-day deliverables while we manage admin, payroll and compliance

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Agency of Record

Operating as an agency of record, we manage the engagement and assure compliance between our clients and independant contractors.

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Managed Service Programs

An efficient and effective means of outsourcing the management of your companies contingent workforce.

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Our staffing solutions help you reach your goals

Workforce Architecture
Tailored to your needs
Diverse staffing solutions
Global licences
Implementation & Delivery
Why partner with us

Expand your business with
minimal risk

EPG Staffing offers a variety of solutions to help your business expand with minimal risk. Our staffing experts work with you to identify your specific needs and architect a solution that works. With EPG Staffing, take on new projects in new territories and be confident that you have the staffing expertise you need to succeed.

Why partner with us

Access a wide range of specialised staffing solutions

As a leading staffing provider, we offer specialised staffing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our Employer of Record and Agent of Record programs are designed to provide you with the best possible pathways to scale your global workforce, while our managed service programs give you peace of mind knowing local experts are managing your staffing needs.