Seamlessly meet
local compliance

Ensure workers are meeting in-country compliance from day one with intutitive onboarding technology

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Improve worker retention
Track induction progress
Engage with confidence

Engage, onboard, train and manage valuable workers

Software that makes onboarding compliant, engaging, fast and effortless for you and your growing team

One unified experience

Connect your international workforce with consistency across one ecosystem. Underpinned by in-country compliance, our technology suite delivers a seamless onboarding experience that makes collecting employee information, rolling out inductions and contract negotiations a breeze.

Improved candidate experience

From the moment you identify them, you want the worker to feel engaged, valued, secure and part of a quality operation. You’ll set that tone when you start off strong with an intuitive digital engagement process coupled with a streamlined paperless onboarding process.

Power up with integrations

Connect with your existing ATS and accounting software


How HCM Technology Can Simplify Hiring

With the rise of the gig economy and the ever-changing needs of the workforce, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest recruiting trends. That’s where Human Capital Management technology comes in.

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