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Scale your business in Australia

Quickly ramp up your workforce, without bearing the cost of hiring and training permanent workers.

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Improve operation efficiency
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Looking to expand your contingent workforce in Australia?

Access specialised skills and sponsor contractors with legal assurance via EPG Staffing’s on-hire labour agreement solution

Flexibility, skill, and compliance all in one

Our on-hire labor agreement offers a streamlined solution for businesses looking to manage their workforce efficiently. With the flexibility to quickly adjust staffing levels, access to a pool of skilled workers, and elimination of legal and administrative complexities, businesses can focus on their core operations while staying fully compliant with local regulations.

Simplify your global workforce management

Our host organization services provide a complete solution for your cross-border employment needs in Australia. With full compliance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is fully protected. We take care of the complex legal and administrative processes, such as licensing, visas, and payroll, so you can focus on directing your workers’ operations.

No entity in Australia? Let us handle the details

Enter the Australian market easily and confidently with our flexible labour agreement services. We handle the sponsorship of skilled workers for temporary positions, allowing you to test the market without committing to setting up an in-country entity.

How it works


Identify talent

Identify the candidate you wish to hire, and we will start the employment process. We handle the compliance and employment risk, ensuring a smooth transition for your new hire

Immigration Paperwork

If the talent is offshore, our team will provide a seamless experience and guide your new worker through the complex immigration process.


We provide the technology to onboard your worker digitally, delivering transparency and compliance throughout your new talent’s employment journey.

Grow Your Team

We collaborate with you to facilitate the ongoing performance management of your worker, with compliance courseware and essential training delivered via our LMS.

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Tap into one group for all your workforce management needs


In-house migration expertise to navigate the permanent or temporary immigration journey

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Deliver a consistent experience with tech that handles the worker lifecycle with compliance

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Ensure workers are classified, engaged and paid correctly with a managed payroll service

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