Managed Service Programs

Streamline contingent worker management

An efficient and effective means of outsourcing the management of your companies contingent workforce

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Scale your services
In-country compliance
One single vendor

Bring transparency & efficiency to your operations

A simplified technology driven experience that gives you top level visibility across your global workforce

Scale into new territories with ease

Each territory has unique regulations and cultural considerations that can challenge worker retention and international growth. At EPG Staffing, we support clients as they grow internationally by combining cultural consideration with local expertise to meet market expectations and demand, enabling you to set up with ease in new locations.

One point of contact

Focus on scaling your services while we handle the management of your contingent workers and vendors. Our MSP solution consolidates the management and compliant engagement of workers without the need for multiple disconnected systems or services. A single contact for all your staffing requirements, from employment, onboarding, time capture, invoicing, and reporting.

Integrate our technology

We deliver a consistent and compliant global experience via smart integration. Sync information from your vendor management system to access real-time analytics and visibility across your contingent workforce – no matter where they are based or what they do.

EPG Staffing is part of a larger solution

Tap into one group for all your workforce management needs


In-house migration expertise to navigate the permanent or temporary immigration journey

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Deliver a consistent experience with tech that handles the worker lifecycle with compliance

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Ensure workers are classified, engaged and paid correctly with a managed payroll service

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Frequently asked questions

A managed service program is an ongoing service where a third party, such as EPG Staffing, assume primary responsibility for contingent workforces on behalf of the client. Traditionally, an MSP will manage talent acquisition, engagement and administration, driving a consistent experience and a compliant workforce.

From the deployment of staff through to meeting in-country compliance requirements, our MSP solution and technology work hand in hand to manage and support the expansion of your global workforce.

There are several benefits to EPG Staffing’s MSP solution, including:

• access to international contingent workers
• increased worker retention
• in-country compliance and risk mitigation
• reduced administration requirements
• easily deploy workers when and where you need them

Our significant investment into global licenses allows us to dispatch workers legally and compliantly into several regions. Contact us today to learn more about these locations.

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