Permanent and contingent staffing solutions

Powered by an HCM platform that enables the rapid and compliant deployment of a workforce

Staffing with better visibility

In-country teams bring the cultural consideration needed to oversee all aspects of your workforce, mitigating risk and delivering stability across the end-to-end journey. Our platform manages hiring, engagement, HR workflows, pay and billing, consolidating your analytics for actionable insights and visibility.

Compliant engagement and onboarding

We support multiple worker engagement types to determine the most suitable model for your workforce, with tech-driven audits, compliant onboarding and sensitive data control.

Seamless pay and billing

Process compliant RCTIs and automate remittance advices with the speed required for today’s flexible workforce. Our platform automates remuneration calculations and manages all on-costs to generate accurate sales invoices, including tri-party billing models and multi-currency payments.

One unified team

Although you’re still responsible for their day-to-day direction, we are the direct employer of your worker and take on relevant risk. We collaborate with you to facilitate their ongoing performance management, with compliance courseware and essential training delivered via our learning management system.

Global talent acquisition

We support hiring teams and managed service providers to identify top-tier talent or can recruit independently on your behalf. Our platform’s job board integration facilitates talent pooling, while salary benchmarking allows you to strategically attract and retain star candidates.

Mobility without barriers

With our transparent global licensing infrastructure and on-hire labour agreements, we act as your direct employer across multiple jurisdictions and offer in-house migration expertise to navigate the permanent or temporary immigration journey.

Staffing solutions that are cost-effective and easily adopted