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Outsource the employment of your worker. Benefit from the workers’ day-to-day deliverables while we manage the end-to-end worker lifecycle with compliance

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Scale-up while we manage the risk

Outsource the legal and compliant engagement of your workers and benefit from the workers day-to-day output

Global expansion made easy

Are you looking to establish your business within a new international market? Dramatically reduce turnaround time in establishing a local workforce with our Employer of Record solution, no local entity required.

Your people. Your team. Your company. All in one place.

Through our technology suite and in tandem with your hiring teams, we determine the most suitable engagement model for your workforce and manage the ongoing compliance with regular tech-driven audit checks. As the direct employer of record, we provide full compliance to the worker through our technology suite.

Ongoing worker management

As your local Employer we collaborate with you to facilitate the worker’s ongoing performance management with compliance courseware delivered via our intuitive technology suite.

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In-house migration expertise to navigate the permanent or temporary immigration journey

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Deliver a consistent experience with tech that handles the worker lifecycle with compliance

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Ensure workers are classified, engaged and paid correctly with a managed payroll service

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Frequently asked questions

EOR is outsourcing the employment of your worker to a third-party, such as at EPG Staffing. Your business will benefit from the workers day to day tasks and deliverables, while we manage the employee’s HR, admin, payroll and all local compliance.

Yes. As the beneficiary of the EOR workforce’s services, you may give instructions and directions on what and how the EOR worker is to provide those services.

No. To avoid creating a contractual relationship with the EOR worker, you should leave all issuing of contracts and other agreements to us. If you wish to offer an incentive to a EOR worker, you will need to inform us so that we can ensure that it is properly documented.

Yes. As you would with your own employee, you can give directions and guidance on how a EOR worker is to provide their services. However, in your dealings with the EOR worker, best practice is to take care not to act in any discriminatory manner or because of a worker making a complaint or inquiry. We recommend that you base any conversations and directions on operational and other legitimate concerns.

Yes. Given we are the EOR for all workers it is important that we are advised of any potential performance concerns so that we can guide you when managing the performance of an EOR worker. If you do reach a point where you no longer require the EOR worker to perform services for your business, whether for performance or other reasons, you should let us know as soon as possible

EPG Staffing can provide EOR solutions in almost all countries, with workers active across all continents. For more information on specific country or multi-country solutions please contact our team.

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