Agency of Record

Keep the relationship between all parties compliant

Operating as an agency of record, we manage the engagement and assure compliance between our clients and independent contractors

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Reduce your risk
Classify workers correctly
Streamline your workforce

Say goodbye to contractor administration

As your Agency of Record we ensure the compliant engagement and management of your independent contractors

Grow your workforce

Scale your overseas workforces with minimal effort and compliance risk. Our agency of record solution places the management of your independent contractors into our experienced hands. While you direct their day-to-day activities, we manage administration and local worker requirements, accelerating your expansion into new territories.

Ensure your workers are engaged compliantly

Expansion comes with new challenges and compliances to address, meaning the risk of misclassifying your workers is a growing concern. That’s where we come in. Our agency of record solution ensures that your independent contractors are classified and paid correctly, no matter where they are—shifting your focus onto what truly matters, growing your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Agency of record (AOR) is the process of outsourcing administration of independent contractors to a third party, such as EPG Staffing. Acting as an intermediary between a staffing firm or client and an independent contractor, an AOR assures independent contractors are engaged correctly and manage back-office functions, including payroll and government reporting requirements.

An agency of record (AOR) provides an additional layer of protection for clients by ensuring the correct engagement of independent contractors (IC). From background checks, contract administration, payroll, and onboarding, as AOR, we ensure that all bases are covered so you and your IC can carry out your obligations without compliance concerns.

An independent contractor is a person or business that provides goods or services under a written contract or verbal agreement. In addition, the contractor may not work for the employer permanently but complete work when required under a statement of work.

Our significant investment into global licenses allows us to dispatch workers legally and compliantly into several regions. Contact us today to learn more about these locations.

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